Where Are We Going Today?

America is beautiful, no doubt about it. The rich, historic streets are now home to coffee shops, restaurants, and boutique shops doing their best to survive in a world of corporate chains and franchises. There is a gym on every corner, distracting us from the trail-ways and parks, waiting for runners and bikers to connect with nature on their fitness journey. There are festivals, parades, and celebrations highlighting our hometown heroes and events. Vacation is one time to be a tourist, but have you ever considered being a tourist in your hometown?

footWe live in a beautiful area, with hidden gems waiting to be found. Lets put the hustle and bustle of our money oriented, time consuming lives away for a moment, and explore the greatest region in the state (and, with bias, arguably the greatest region in the country). We all want to be Happy, Healthy, and Fit.  Whether it is hiking in the mountains, swimming in the ocean, donating blood, doing yoga in the park, folding origami at a community center, or drinking coffee downtown…

There is always something to do, right here in our beautiful community. So next time you’re looking for something to do, take your feet to the pavement, put your fork to the plate, and join in the local festivities.

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