RPI Jugging & Unicycling Club Talent Showcase

This weekend I had the great pleasure of attending and performing in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Juggling & Unicycling Club’s first annual Talent Showcase. I spent the weekend meeting new people, seeing great performances, and even got some good food out of it!


Before heading to Troy, I took a side trip to a Cat Lady’s house in Gloversville. Michelle basically runs a half-way house for sick and injured kitties. I donated a bag of fleece pillows I had made earlier in the year. I spent nearly an hour giving love to her dog, while she explained the life stories of her 30 rehabilitated kitties. But soon enough I was on my way to Troy.

Once I arrived at the RPI campus, Adrienne and I made our way to the gym for rehearsal.

I met so many nice people! I was super nervous that I was going to get dirty looks because I “didn’t belong”, but I didn’t get any looks. People went on with their lives. I did have some interesting conversations with some of the members. They are so nice! It made me miss being in the college club life.

Once everyone arrived and did some practicing on their own, there was a performance rehearsal. We got to watch everyone perform, from juggling sand bags, pins, or rings, using devil sticks, spinning a cane or poi, to contact juggling. There was even a group of guys who juggled themselves, ie acrobatics. There was so much talent that even some basketball players decided to watch.

I went back to Adrienne’s room after, with a few of the juggling club kids. I unfortunately had to work at 9am on Saturday, so found myself driving late.


Shortly after getting done with work at 1pm, I made my my way back to the capital region for the show. Exhausted, I quickly found the nearest coffee shop and filled my belly with caffeine, and cleared my mind of fuzzies. The room had mostly been set up for the performance, and it was wonderful to watch so many teams work together to get the production into full gear. There was a full sound team taking care of the music, and RPI TV was filming and streaming live. (Video should be available here)

An hour before the show, Adrienne, Meagan and I quickly returned to Adrienne’s room for “girl time”. I threw some curlers in Meagan’s hair, used a straightener to curl mine, and listened as Adrienne scurried around frantically. Meagan and I decided to sport a matching pair of Adrienne’s club shoes!


Adrienne left a few moments before us, so I could take the curlers out. I ended up putting mascara on while walking to my car. As I have never been good at multi-tasking, during this time I dropped my phone in the parking lot. I heard it fall as I opened the door, but my makeup bag was opened, so I figured it was my mascara.

As soon as we got to the venue, I realised it was my phone. I zipped back to the dorm, but it was already gone. Terrible thoughts rushed my mind.

But it was show time!

Dave of Dangerous Comedy, who also happens to be a close friend of Adrienne’s, was a guest performer and co-host. He wowed the audience with his suicide mount on his unicycle, (he also impressed them whilst riding with no feet. That is one less than 1 foot.) and juggled dull knives on his toilet paper tight rope of death.

220px-LightsUSHad I mentioned I was performing? I had prepared to perform Lights by Ellie Goulding in sign language. Unfortunately, since I had just lost my phone, I also lost my memories. I forgot some of the signs, and made them up. Hopefully people in the audience did not know sign language, or they may have saw me saying things a lot different than they were hearing.

Also, RPI is now my new favorite place in the world. It is mainly a male school, which is not so different from Paul Smith’s college (I think the ratio is about the same). However, instead of rednecks and mountain men, the students are engineers. I was blown away by all the compliments I received from people I didn’t even know. It was incredibly reassuring, considering I was not impressed with my performance at all.

After the show was cleaned up, members and close friends made their way to the “after-party”. There, we enjoyed mango sticky rice, pizza and wings, and good conversation. I had planned on leaving early to get home, and volunteer at an event for the Red Cross. But unfortunately, based on the loss of my phone, I ended up staying the night instead. This resulted in staying much longer, and participating in even more good conversation.

At risk of sounding arrogant I’ve always prided myself on my intelligence. But being a hospitality major working at Petsmart, surrounded by a ton of engineering majors, I felt incredibly insignificant and unintelligent. In truth, at one point a group of guys were discussing the process behind Captcha. It is far more advanced beyond “it makes sure you aren’t a computer”. Who knew?!

All in all, it was a great weekend!

20130409-001943.jpgAnd in case you were wondering, I did indeed get my phone back. A bus driver had found it just moments after I dropped it! I made the not-so-quick journey back to pick it up.

Adrienne and I had dinner at a very cute Pakistan restaurant. I can’t wait to visit again! She had the lamb masala, even though lamb comes from cute little sheep. I had pureed eggplant with peas. She exposed a whole new side of her I had never met before! I had no idea she had a mean side. Hopefully I never become the victim of this mean girl Adrienne!

Before I went home one last time, we invited Meagan back over. We quoted Mean girls, in honor of Adrienne’s mean rant.

I am super excited. I can’t want to go back and visit again. Thankfully, we have an excuse to hang out again. We’re planning an extensive Pageant Prep movie watching weekend. More details to come.


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