Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan: Never Grow Up

Thursday night, I was pleasantly surprised when my mother decided suddenly to purchase tickets to see the Peter Pan musical at Proctor’s Theater. Even though we both had to work, my mother on Friday and myself on Saturday, we decided the matinée 2:00 showing would be worth it. Lauren even came up from school to join us.20130425-120123.jpg

As expected, we were some of the oldest patrons in the audience. Although majority of the guests were young children and their parents, there were some older adults as well, hoping to re-live their childhood.

While Mama waited in line, Lauren and I bought tee-shirts. I really wanted one that said “Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan”, but of course they only had them in giant size. Perks of coming to a first showing: choice of teeshirts. So instead we all got matching “Never Grow Up” shirts, which I love just the same.




When the show started, we realized that it was a nearly identical script to the one we had performed a few summers ago. We found ourselves singing along to every song.

When Cathy Rigby flew onto the stage, I cried. It was truly magical. The children around us began to cry out “he’s flying!” and “It’s Peter Pan!” It was truly perfect.

The pirates were hilarious. And the indians were incredibly talented. Their dancing could have been a show on their own. There was no ostrich, which was a shame. But this is probably because I did not audition. That role was made for me, I’m sure. They did have a scary mermaid, but I don’t think that was necessary. They had a lot of intense scenes, whereas we made them lighter. They also did not have the mysterious lady scene! I guess that was not important, but I certainly enjoyed it in our small production.

I was in complete shock throughout the duration as Cathy Rigby, who is 60, spun in the air, tumbled across the stage, and captured the personality of a young boy perfectly. She was truly incredible. She is living proof that you do not have to grow up.


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