Night on the Lake: Visiting Oswego

As a way warding stranger, I have an unlimited curiosity for road trips, traveling and visiting new places. I love to look at areas from both the tourist and local points of view.

I recently had the chance to spend the day is Oswego, NY an experience some of the historic beauty and college night life. I made the trip up on Friday, hitting the familiar comfort of wilderness shortly into my journey.

I met up with a friend, where we I checked our first attraction: Oswego 7. The local theater that only shows seven films, as described in the name. I was hoping to watch The Host, but it had already been pulled and replaced with new films!

I am so excited to see The Great Gatsby coming back to the big screen. The cast is wonderful, and the symbolism strong. This shall be a birthday gift to myself.

So we watched 42 instead; a film based on the true events of Jackie Robinson’s baseball career. I have never been a fan of baseball, but the movie was great. It had great actors, and showed true inspiration. I had a few issues with it, from a critical point, but they didnt interfere with the overall greatness.

While in the parking lot, I made a serious blunder in my thought process. While getting into my car, I noticed water in my floor board. I was checking it out, and had my left hand holding on to the open door frame. When I was done inspecting, I reached over with my right hand and pulled the door shut. Except it didn’t shut, obviously, because my hand was still in the frame. After an impromptu trip to Walmart for ibruprofen, my journey continued.

Old City Hall is a rustic bar scene right on the edge of the river. There was live music playing, people dancing, and a restaurant in the back. I ordered “The Dude”, which was a taco filled with roasted vegetables and sliced jalapeño peppers, with chips and salsa. I like spice, but found the peppers were too much. I also wanted more salsa for my chips. But as a whole it was very good, and for $8 it was a steal.

I made my way through the SUNY Oswego campus, passing the fort and parking literally on Oswego beach. The view was incredible. I had been craving a milkshake, so waited what seems like a long time in what was not milkshake weather (you could see your breath) for a raspberry milkshake. In wasn’t impressed. The cashier had customers repeat many times, and come back and double check. My milkshake was not the proper consistency. I left half of it in the cupholder and made my way to my next location.

I ended up at The Shed. Foursquare Tips suggested I stay away, but I gave i an unbiased chance. Gary Johnson was there, performing covers. He was actually good, and played his own background music. He gave his phone number so people could text requests. He played everything from Green Day to Justin Bieber. Before he started playing, I sent requests to the jukebox from an iPhone app. Very neat. I took a road less travelled in evangelism and played an extensive list of christian rock songs, including Jesus Freak by DC Talk. At one point, I was signing along when a guy said, “Hey, is she talking like a deaf person?” He was drunk, but actually meant it in a good way, not as a jerk. The Labatt Blue Crew came and were planing on giving out free stuff, including drinks and a sign. But the bar scene was getting pretty rowdy, and there were underaged patrons making me uncomfortable, so I left.

I ended up at another bar, I didnt note the name. There was an extensive ID process, and cost $4 to get in. It was huge, with different music on both levels, and a game room. I sat in the back and people watched for a few moments before deciding it was not worth it being there.

I would have liked to visited some other places, such as a rock wall climbing center I passed after they had closed. All in all, Oswego reminds me of Lake Placid without the APA regulations, hence the Walmart and abundance of lights. It is an adorable town, and I wouldn’t be opposed to going back and checkin out more of the daytime attractions.


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