A Nice Day to Wear a Dress

June 29th must have a strong calling to put girls in dresses. Not only was it the Miss Massachusetts pageant, where a handful of beautiful ladies from New England, including my friend Carrie (Miss Cambridge), wore a handful of dresses, but it was the Miss Central NY workshop, and my friend Mandy’s wedding, where she of course wore the most important dress of her life.

I had to support Carrie from across the state line, get valuable workshop knowledge, then zip to Western NY for the wedding!

All while wearing a cute dress!

Miss Central New York Workshop


Note the Team Carrie pin

I actually wore pants! A friend came over and I tried on almost every dress I owned, and we couldn’t decide which dress I should wear. So I settled on white skinny jeans and an orange and white top with zebras on it from H&M. But everyone else wore dresses!

We chose contestant order (I am #14, last), and had mock interviews (I ramble and move my hands too much, but have good content), discussed program ads, presale tickets, opening number, took pictures and most importantly met the rest of the girls.


I left the workshop a little early, after changing into a cute cress, to head west towards Bufffalo for a wedding. Who doesn’t love weddings?!
I had met Mandy while in Missouri at Urbana (A global missions conference). Who knew that a few years later she would be getting married, and I would cross the state to see her?


The wedding was adorable. It was in a small, super cute old church. The reception was right across the road! I sat with Liz, who I had also met at Urbana and her sister Kate, as well as Lindsay (also from Urbana. Catching a theme here?20130709-221509.jpg

The wedding theme itself was BOOKS. Everything was made by Mandy, and inspired from Pinterest. From the paper flowers in the bouquets and corsages (from books of course), to bookmark name tags (to find your table), a book shaped cake, and even little things like mod podged tea lamp candles! Don’t expect anything less from 2 English Majors.


Could they be any cuter?

Miss Massachusetts
Oh, and Carrie made Top Ten at Miss Massachusetts! I was so pleased when I heard the news. It was her first time at State Level in the Miss America system. We can only expect greater things next year!


Amanda Narciso, Miss Taunton, went home with the Miss Massachusetts title. Good luck at Miss America!


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