Color Me Rad: Albany


Friday I picked up our Swag

At the beginning of the summer I had it placed in my mind that I was going to start running. I am tall, I ran track in school (even if I wasn’t any good because I had not heart in it). I also decided that I wanted to run a 5k fun run.

Around the same time, possibly slightly after, my mom began adding running into her lifestyle as a weight management system. As a mother who is just over 5 feet tall, and has never ran in her life, I often sent mental kudos as she posted her stats on Facebook. Her times were impressive!

After debating the type of run, debating which dates would work, and trying to recruit as many family members as possible, my mom and I  finally chose a Color Me Rad run which would take place at the Altamont Fairgrounds in Albany. There would be less stress than a competitive race, it is close to my parents’ house, and the pictures online looked like it would be a blast: literally.

As the months got closer, I added running into my fitness routine, but in the weeks leading up to the race my workload was doubled and I suddenly dfound myself busy every weekend (whether it was from driving to Ohio or Atlantic City, running wasn’t in my abilities). When the week of the race finally came, I realised that I was not ready. I worried my mom was going to beat me, as she had literally been running every day, rain or shine, and i don’t think that is ever an option, I just hoped my legs and lungs would be on the same page.



The day of the race was also the day of a concert. My father had bought tickets a while ago, not taking our plans for the race seriously. As the date got closer and he realized it was the same, he got upset because he had purchased them already. Our wave wasn’t until 2:30, and the concert started at noon! So my mom and I made a sneaky early arrival. At 10:00 we nonchalantly bought our neon tutus (no race is compete without a tutu) and Color Me Rad headbands, and joined the 10:30 wave.


The race was fun. At first it was hard to get through the mob of people and start a steady pace. We had to weave through the walkers,guys in unicorn suits, and groups of people taking up the whole path. At one point I turned to my mom and said, “Lets break through this crowd.” But she didn’t hear me. Before I knew it I was ahead of the group and gaining speed, but my poor mom was stuck in the back.

At various points in the race, the volunteers threw color at us. There was powder paint, which caused huge dust clouds in the air. It was all very dramatic. They also had hoses that shot other colors at us. That was cool and refreshing.


Free Color Bombs at the Finish Line


Finish Line is drawing closer!


Finish Line

Despite the initial setbacks of a large group starting at the same time, I finished in just over 32 minutes. I am pretty proud. While waiting for my mom I spoke with a woman who was waiting for her two kids. I guess it wouldn’t have been that bad after all if my mom had beat me. I had planned on staying with her, but I’m still glad I don’t have to tell people my mom runs faster than me.


Mama powers through the Finish Line

There was live music, bomb blasts, and plenty of photo opportunities. There was even post-run massages and a Red Bull tent giving out free Red Bull Energy drinks!



All in all, it was a great time. I already pre-registered for a second Color Me Rad to be held in Syracuse in May as well as a Color vibe to be held in Albany. I would love to try other fun runs aw well, like a zombie rUNDEAD, but we will just have to see how things unfold!




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