Tourism on University Hill


Recently, while on a random escapade in Syracuse, I found myself on University Hill. Basically, that is where the bulk of the Syracuse University buildings are. There are also little diners and shops for students to to on breaks between classes or on weekends.

Originally it was a trip for lunch. I would give lunch a review, but numbers can’t go low enough to describe how awful it was. I almost walked out, but I have a conscious. I wont even mention the name. Good riddance.

Then we considered getting tattoos. By we, I mean me. One day I hope to get a tattoo with someone, instead of just someone watching. It would be neat to have that sort of bonding experience. But I digress. But thankfully, despite really wanting to get another, I didn’t have any cash on me. I knew that if I went to a bank that the impulse would wear off. I also couldn’t decide what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I have like 6 planned out. But with pageant season approaching quickly, and the fact that I was wearing a dress so my placement was limited, I suppose it worked out for the best. Plus, I had no idea how good anyone at the shop was. I’d rather go somewhere I trust.

So instead, I walked the streets. I checked out the shops, was approached by a homeless man, again, asking for money. It took a few shops, but I was finally able to buy a Syracuse Orange tumbler. After my lovestruck wanderlust visit to Cincinnati,  where I bought a Bearcat’s cup, I suddenly fell in love with University tumblers. I found an awesome cup that resembles a Solo cup, however is much sturdier. I snatched it up right away.

But when I was finished purusing, I did what anyone would do:  I took pictures in front of the University buildings like a tourist. I was only an hour from my house, but I was totally in tourist mode.


My favorite of the day.


This screams “senior picture” to me.


Semi-Candid. I was standing up from a photo.



Sometimes I look so much like my mom, it scares me.


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