Symeon’s Restaurant

Symeon’s Restaurant is an amazing gem nestled right in plain view in the Mohawk Valley, feauting authentic Greek food and a family like atmosphere. After driving past a full parking lot nearly every day for two years, I finally had to go and experience it for myself. I needed to know hat all the Hoopla was about!


We decided to get the Greek Salad for Two. There must have been a typo in the menu, because the salad we got was actually meant to be consumed by a small family of rabbits. There was so much salad! And it was such a full salad, with olives,and tomatoes and a perfectly balanced amount of feta cheese. We kept filling our plates while waiting for our food, that by the time our sandwiches arrived we were stuffed full.


Greek Salad for “Two”

Although we asked for our marinated chicken flatbread sammies to go, Jon couldn’t resist a quick snap of them on their pretty plates. It was actually sad to see them get put in Styrofoam to-go boxes. They smelled amazing, and I would learn tasted great as well when I ate mine later that night.


I don’t know how he did it. But the baklava cheesecake was calling his name. I watched as Jon demolished a piece of cheesecake, topped with nuts, drizzled with honey, and garnished with whipped cream.

I am highly disappointed with myself for waiting so long to eat here. I’m surprised it hasn’t been featured on Food Network yet. It was seriously, nothing short of amazing.


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