RPI Juggling & Unicycling Club Showcase 2014

Last year I had an incredible opportunity to participate and attend the first annual RPI Juggling and Unicycling Club Spring Showcase. Students and community members juggled, spun canes, devil sticks, and poi, rode unicycles, contact juggled, and even performed an acrobatic routine. I was asked to perform in American Sign Language; my pageant talent.

I began attending meetings once or twice each week through the fall and spring semesters. Here, I began learning to trick hoop, spin poi, and even juggle (although I’m not very good at juggling yet).

Unfortunately, just before the showcase we had a lot of members drop out or get tied up with studying for finals, so there was a smaller set. The event wasn’t advertised or promoted as much (word of mouth always works best, but fewer performers means less mouths), so the audience wasn’t as full. Oh well, it was a great time. I’m glad I was invited out to perform, and I think the audience enjoyed it as well!

RPI Spring Showcase

Click the link above to watch the video. I tried to to host it right here, but I guess a link is all we can get!

I tried to note where the different performers started and stopped, but the video lagged a bit on my computer. These times are just roughly put, but still gives you a general idea!

0:00-2:35 Introductions

2:35 – 5:45  Alison Lanzi- Juggling

6:15-7:47 Adrienne Wilson- Spinning Poi

9:50- 14:10  Katherine Crandall & Jon Symons – ASL

14:30- 18:46 Nathan Palo- Juggling

19:35-23:57 Juggling Club & Audience -Cha Cha Slide

24:40 32:05  Unicylers- History of Transportation & Jousting

32:50- 36:20 Steve Tam – Spinning Poi

36:40 Adrienne Speaking about Miss Syracuse/Princess Festival

38:15- 40:00 Katherine Crandall- ASL

40:35 – 49:22 Dave & Craig – Partner Juggling

51:20- 59:35 Ilium Parkour





2 thoughts on “RPI Juggling & Unicycling Club Showcase 2014

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