Albany Tulip Festival

This year I was lucky enough to share my birthday weekend with the 66th annual Albany Tulip Festival. There were tons of events planned for the Saturday; live performances, food and craft vendors, food trucks, Tulip Queen Coronation, and a parade.

And of course there were tulips. Thousands of tulip bulbs had been planted, throughout the years, in intricate patterns and arrangements. There were so many types of tulips that I had never seen before!

These are just some of the gorgeous flowers. My favorites were probably the “pineapple tulips”, although that wasn’t their real name. I loved how different they were from the others, yet they were still very pretty. The tulips with fringed petals were also very unique.

We even snagged some of the other flower viewers to take a few photos of us! I love the Dutch shoe!

People often forget that before the English colonies, New York was originally a Dutch colony. Our history is rich with stories of trade to the Netherlands, Native American interactions, and religious reformation before England made its way “out west” from Massachusetts and the New England colonies. Did you know that a part of Vermont used to be a part of modern New York, but Ethan Alan and the Green Mountain Boys broke apart? There was actually a “civil war” before we even had the American Revolution. Not many people know that, but I find it fascinating.


Of course Jon had to throw a handstand before we left. If a statue was ever made in his honor, it would be in a handstand.

Right as we were leaving we spotted this birdhouse. I love it. I hope that one day we have birdhouses like this. Or maybe we will have our house like this…


All in all, it was a beautiful flower filled Saturday.


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