RPI’s Annual Senior “Booze Cruise”


Each year, after the undergraduate students leave for the summer and the seniors who are lucky enough to say goodbye to school for ever (or perhaps until they come back for Grad school), there is a week long gap from the last final to the actual commencement ceremony. This week is known at most colleges as “senior week”. It is a last chance to spend with your senior friends before stepping into the real world and taking your place at the head of the table. Most colleges, RPI included, offer various activities to keep the students entertained, probably so they don’t die of boredom before they graduate.

Located along the Hudson River, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has a rare opportunity to offer these students the chance to attend a “Dinner Dance Cruise” one of the evenings during Senior Week. Seniors are allowed to bring guests, which is why I was invited, to spend the evening on a boat in the Hudson surrounded by their peers with fine food, music, and dancing. As classy as this may seem, for many this is known as the “Booze Cruise”; a way to spend the evening drinking on a boat. None the less, after waiting in line for over an hour (There is a better way to do that line, RPI activity planners, please take note on addressing that issue for next year), going through at least 3 security checks (if we didnt have alcohol on us when we got on the bus, or off the bus, how would we magically find alcohol as we boarded the boat?) we had a great time.


The Capital Region isn’t all hustle and bustle. It is actually pretty as the sun set’s behind the ancient building lined horizon.


Wayne and Jon can’t take bridges seriously.


This guy, Ryan, went around all evening taking pictures of everyone. I thought it was only fair that he get in a picture, since no one was taking pictures of him! Jon didn’t take this seriously either.


A great picture of most of the Colvin Crew. I’m so glad that I was accepted into their family, even if it was only in their last semester. I wish I had remembered to take my Pink & Pepper zebra print sunglasses off. And that ridiculous hat.


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