Johnny’s Italian-American Restaurant

L20140717-093434-34474439.jpgocated right on State Street, across from Proctors, is Johnny’s Italian A
merican Restaurant. From the sidewalk Johnny’s looks like a lot of fun; it has patio seating, bright blue balconies, and music that van be heard across the road. It’s fitting that it is located beneath the Quirky customer service building, because the appearance is something original.

Starving and looking for something new, I found a Johnny’s menu and flipped through the burgers and fries. Oh, and sweet potatoes fries. I love those.

It was a 20 minute wait for pickup. We walked over, waited at the bar, andIMG_7470 eventually received our food. It was slightly pricey, but good food it worth it.

We got back, opened our Styrofoam containers and were rather disappointed by the size of our burgers. We tasted them, they were good. But for the amount we paid, they should have been twice the size.




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