Shanti Yoga

Recently, I have been feeling excessivly sore, and my hips have been grinding far more than normal. Plagued with hearing my complaints, I turned to complaining about needing yoga rather than a fix. This time, a friend recommended we attend a class at Shanti Yoga in Troy, NY.


Spring-Class-Schedule3-791x1024Classes range from $15 per class (or only $10 if you’re a student), discount cards for multiple classes, or $80 for monthly unlimited classes. August has a special deal, $10 for a class, so we signed up for Friday’s 6pm Strength and Flow class. The neat part, all classes can be reserved and paid for in advance, online. We held our spot and paid hours before we even left, so we didn’t have to worry about carrying wallets or the class filling up.

IMG_6112J and I rolled up our yoga mats and made the quick trip to Troy, where we met up with A (who recommended the class). I have misplaced my personalized purple mat- still distraught- when moving to my new house. It must be in storage. I have been using an old, generic red one.

Nonetheless, we arrived just in time and found a parking spot right out front. We laid out our mats and went at it.

The asana was challenging, but simple enough to follow along. Although not a beginner’s class, I don’t believe a first timer would have a hard time keeping up. We were surprised at the end of class to learn that it was the instructor’s first class!

Thank you Kristen! And thanks A for suggesting we pay a visit. Namaste!



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