Apostrophe Cafe

Although Jay Street has an abundance of coffee shops, sometimes while at work it is easier, and quicker, to walk to Apostrophe Cafe right next to Proctors Theater. As a teen, I remember coming here and thinking it was the coolest cafe ever. Now that I have experienced some genuinely unique coffee shops, Apostrophe has unfortunately fallen off my radar.

Apostrophe, rumor says, got it’s name as a result of the Proctor’s Theater expansion. As Proctors grew from just a theater (belonging to the Proctor family) to a full arcade with bookstore, gift shop, and mini-museum, the name shifted from Proctors Theater to simply Proctors. Apparently, since the theater no longer needed the Apostrophe, they gave it to the cafe. Cute, right? It’s stories like that which draw me to a place.

Within the past month I have gone to Apostrophe three times. I was not satisfied once. Just some of my issues:

  • Employees having casual conversation with each other about non-work related topics, with no refrain from profanity
  • inaccurate order (Raisin bagel instead of plain, wrong coffee syrup)
  • Not attentive of guests in line; too busy in private conversation to notice guests waiting to have their order taken
  • Not paying attention to detail, and missing specifics of an order, or forgetting an order in the microwave and having to be reminded
  • Clerk took off her gloves to accept someone’s cash (admirable) then put the same gloves back on (not-admirable)

Pros:  It is right inside the Proctors arcade, great for Intermission at a show. Free wifi provides a great hangout at lunch from work.

Cons: In addition to the above list, they are high priced and the food is pre-made and microwaved.

I can’t say I will never go again, the convenience reason is there. I also get a receipt sent directly to my phone. However, if time is not a factor, I would much sooner walk down Jay and pay Katz Kafe a visit.

Have you been to Apostrophe Cafe? If your experience was better than mine, please let me know in the comments below.


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