Pittsford Wegman’s Supermarket

When in Rochester, you have to don a few things. One of them, is go to Wegmans.

Before I had ever gone to Wegmans, I couldn’t understand why people loved it. Their descriptions, in my humble opinion, were exactly the same as my local Price Chopper.

Examples of Hype:
They have prepared food. They make custom cakes. It’s family run. The layout is designed for effective shopping. The employees have great beneifts. The food is prepared by chefs.

But after going to my first Wegmans, in Syacuse, it suddenly made sense. Overall, it may not be the quality of food or the price of products, but it is the atmosphere that makes Wegmans so different from other chain grocery stores. The people who run this store love their job, and the happiness is evident.

Wegmans is the Google of Grocery Stores.

So, when in Rochester, there is the obligatory visit to the Pittsford Wegmans; the Wegmans that started it all.



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