2014-08-17 14.07.47

When in town, eat what the town folks eat. J and I had found a local coffee roaster cafe online, but when we got to the destination is was an empty parking lot. Thank you, Google Maps, for sucking. Thankfully, it was directly across the street from DiBella’s Subs. Although they have locations in a few other states, it does not have  a chain name, and therefore we had no remorse giving it a shot.

Our subs:

2014-08-17 14.02.11 2014-08-17 14.02.22

Both subs ended up costing less than $15, which isn’t horrible. All subs are made to order, and there are hot and cold options. For the price we paid, however, I would have rather gone to Subway and paid the same about for a footlong (these were “half” subs), picked which toppings I received, for no additional cost, instead of paying by the extra topping. My Buffalo Chicken was sweet, and the roll was salty. I can’t complain, for being a whim.


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