IMG_8626Friday night, on RPI campus, is not only Ilium Parkour training sessions, but also Rensselaer Christian Association (RCA) meetings. Now that he’s graduated, J-Man has been thinking about being more involved with RCA, perhaps as an outreach helper. We decided to go out to Troy, catch the meeting and talk with some of the small group leaders.

J didnt get out of work until after 5, and after he showered and ate and showed me his cool new burn we headed straight out, but still didn’t get to Troy until almost 7. Instead of going to RCA at an awkward moment, we went out to dinner. RCA always goes to Snowman’s, one of the local ice cream shops, after large group, so we agreed to catch up with them then.

Shalimar is one of the first restaurants I went to in Troy, and surprisingly J-Man hadn’t gone before, so naturally we had to go. It is a great little Pakistani-Indian place on Fulton Street.

We found a perfect parking spot right on the corner. I hate street parking, so this gem couldn’t be missed.

Trying to maintain my no dairy rule, I opted not for a masala dish, but instead tried Baingan Bhartha; skinless eggplant cooked with green peas. I think I actually got this the last time I was here, but forget fully. J-man got Beef Madras; beef cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce. We also got some roti, whole wheat tandoori bread, on the side.IMG_8634

Just before we finished, we spotted one of J’man’s parkour friends outside with his girlfriend. Even though we wouldn’t have time to meet up with anyone before RCA, we had secretly hoped we’d run into one. Success. As we finished our meal, he watched some recent videos I took of J-man at a playground and gave some great tips.

Just under $25 for a great meal? What better than to enjoy authentic Middle Eastern food, and get to enjoy it with friends!


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