Happy Capp- Iced Matcha

Yesterday I stopped into Happy Cappuccino because I was craving an ice coffee, and Apostrophe has not earned me back quite yet. Someone was ordering when I arrived, so I browsed the cute chalk board drink menu looking at the cute descriptions. I noticed a matcha drink was available.

Matcha is a powered green tea that isn’t steeped like standard tea, but is dissolved and drank in the liquid. I learned about it initially in a public speaking class a while ago from a peer, and asked about it at a visit to Whistling Kettle. It has great beneficial properties, but is fairly expensive and takes a bit more effort than dropping a teabag in a mug and pouring hot water over it.

IMG_8645As the person in front of me stepped away from the counter I heard the clerk say “Iced matcha” as she handed the other guest his drink. Consider it a sign. Instead of iced coffee, I decided to go for the matcha. No regrets.

She asked me if I wanted it hot, iced, or frozen. I opted for iced. She then suggested a splash of chai concentrate to break up the grassy taste. I love chai, so of course didn’t resist. She even added a splash of almond milk, to add the creaminess of a latte. $3.95 for a small isn’t the best price, but it was ready in a matter of moments and the taste was worth it.



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