Miss America 2015

img_8784I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz. Miss New York has won Miss America, again. Just a few years ago, New York was in a Miss America dry spell. We hadn’t been able to win the National Pageant since Vanessa Williams in the early 80s! Yet Mallory Hagan broke that dry spell in 2013, and now that New York has tasted victory, they don’t want to share it. Nina and Kira followed in her footsteps, and New York became the first state to crown three consecutive titleholders.

As for me, I am just a pageant enthusiast. Last year, when Miss America returned home to Atlantic City, I wanted to check it out. Nina took the crown, and I was hooked. This year, we did it again. Five friends trekked to Atlantic City for the 2015 Miss America Pageant

Despite false advertising for the Miss America Trade Show (Seriously, do you realize how many people were upset with it closing at 2 instead of 5?), and a torrential downpour during the parade (thankfully we didn’t buy seats, and could see every float by simply walking up the line), we had a wonderful time.

Somehow, we even managed to sit together, as Seatfillers. All five of us sat together. We even had better seats than the New York gang. I’m glad I’m cheap. I don’t pay for anything (except gas and the hotel) and still has a perfect experience.

When the pageant came close to wrapping up, J-Man called the exact placement of the Top 5. That’s saying something.

Until next year, Atlantic City. Congratulations Kira! Now the question is, who will be Miss New York?


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