Crazy Beans

Long Island is Starbucks Nation. If there is one coffee shop on the corner, there is another on every corner on that road, and just about every other corner on the Island. Being an Upstater, we don’t exactly value the franchise nation. Granted, Starbucks has its perks, but local coffee shops offer something that just can’t be enjoyed at a chain.


The morning after the wedding, the new couple headed out on their honeymoon and we headed to Crazy Beans. We invited an Island friend out for some good coffee and good conversation.

Crazy Beans is cash only, so we walked to Stop and Shop for some cash back first. I bought an orange carrot juice and some gum, and got cash back for the shop. Then, in the parking lot, we found a case of Vitamin Water Zero under a cart! There were no shoppers near by, and the case had a “thank you” sticker. We took the case with few regrets, since it had already been purchased, and the owner was long gone.

When D-man arrived, we browsed the menu and made our selections.

  • Me: Coffee with toasted marshmallow and white chocolate syrup. aka, a smore coffee.
  • J-Man: Coffee with pumpkin and dark chocolate syrups.
  • D-Man:  Hot latte with strawberry and chocolate syrups.


After J and D sampled their coffees, swapped and sampled each others, and affirmed their loving bromance, we discussed an electric swing bar, pageants, and hair care products. Time certainly goes by fast when you’re drinking great coffee!


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