International Food Festival

J-man and I were hungry, and headed through Amsterdam, NY on the way to Moes. On the way, we passed a sign for an International Food Festival at a local church. We cold have gone to Moes and got “Mexican” food, but instead we went for something a smidge more authentic and homestyle.


It was so cute! Food was arranged at different stations, based off a country of origin. Different dishes had different “prices”, although they were all paid for in tickets. Tickets were purchased at the gate for $1 each.



We made a loop around all the stations before deciding to buy $12 worth of tickets.


Here it is!

Bratwurst and potato salad from Germany for me, fried dough from Pourtugal for the two of us, and meat pie bridie from Scotland (and some potatoe salad) for him. Yum.


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