Schenectady Wing Walk



Last night we had the great opportunity to sample wings at 16 9 local restaurants in the heart of Downtown Schenectady. Many of these places, I had never been because I had no idea they existed. I am very excited to return to a few of these places for lunch or dunner.

The event sold out within an hour. There were 600 ballots sold, so 600 people walking the streets of Schenectady with wing sauce on their fingers, trying to vote for the ultimate wing.

Some places were out when we arrived. Others had a line for miles. We needed to hit at least 8 of the list before we qualified to vote, so some had to be skipped. We may return at some point to sample anyway.

Participating Restaurants:

My favorites:

Van Dyke Restaurant and Lounge– The wing was crispy, and soaked in their beer, but the sauce (also made with Mad Jack beer!) was smooth and creamy. It complimented very well.

20 North Broadway– The flavor was exceptional. They mixed 3 favorite flavors to make their ultimate wing. We tried a Mad Jack Pumpkin Ale while waiting in line. That was decent. A lot of hop flavor, but no pumpkin.

Centre Street The bleu cheese was right in the sauce and balanced it very nicely. I really enjoyed the atmostphere of the bar as well.

Mexican Radio– Instead of just a spicy wing, Mexican Radio offered Margarita samples as well with Jose Cuervo. I think that may have swerved a few people’s votes, although actually the wing was pretty good as well.

Needs Improvement:

Bombers Burrito Bar: I may have just been upset at how slow the line was moving, as a result of it being “self serve” and giving two wings. But actually, the wings themselves had a very light flavor, and there was far too much sauce. I actually shook mine off before putting it in my bowl, and still had a puddle after.

Canvas, Corks, and Forks: Although they aren’t primarily a restaurant, they do offer macaroni and cheese (with wine) during painting classes. We were excited to try this macaroni and cheese, as well as a boneless wing, but we were less than impressed. The wing was ok- more than likely it was fresh chicken, not frozen, and was juicy, but had zero flavor. The macaroni and cheese was most definitely from a box.


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