Spill’n the Beans

Jonathan and I always really enjoy going to Spillin’ the Beans in Downtown wpid-wp-1413805086926.jpegTroy, because it is where we had one of our very first dates.

Before church, we had some time to spare, and decided to stop into Spillin’ for a muffin. I really enjoy their corn muffins- they’re sweeter than normal. Plus, they will cut their large, fresh baked muffin in half, and grill it with butter. Yum

We didn’t even get coffee (big shocker) because we brought it from home.

I love the warm atmosphere that Spillin’ provides. The crew always has a smile, and will wave from the kitchen at a familiar face. There are students in the corner with headphones, and community members at the tables eating a hearty breakfast. Whenever we are in Troy, and stopping in for a quick meal, Spillin’ is where we go.













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