Greek Food

The other day, I had an emergency mission in Troy after work. Long story short, when storage units tell you that your unit is airtight, what they don’t tell you is that a colony of stink bugs can still make its way in, and take up residency on everything you own. I decided to stop for food before I spent the rest of the evening literally unpacking everything, vacuuming up thousands of bugs, and repacking everything in garbage bags.

wpid-wp-1414626079947.jpegSo I stopped by the Greek House on 3rd Street in Troy. It is just down the road from Spill’n the Beans, and there was a parking spot just across the street. I cannot street park, so the fact there was an easy spot made my choice that much easier.

I’m not a fan of lamb. Well, maybe I would be if I wasn’t in love with Lamb Chop as a little girl, and still have a plushie lamb named Julie. I opted for the vegetarian gyro, to go, instead.

It was made to order, right there. I waited just a few moments for everything to be wrapped up. When I finally got to my car the second time (I had left my keys inside when I left), and bit in… yum. It is way better than any gyro I’ve eaten at a fair or festival. It was warm and juice, and the vegetables were breaded but not laden in deep fried grease.



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