20 North Broadway

Following the Schenectady Wing Walk, Jon and I had been itching to make our way back to 20 North Broadway, home of the people’s choice best chicken wing. Ironically, we opted not to get chicken wing appetizers, and instead got the pretzel stick special.

Our server was super funny and easy to relate to. Granted I’m biased, because he almost didn’t ID me. My passport was on the table when I ordered, and so he said “since you have it out, I’ll take a look.” I explained that I am used to being IDed, and he told me he would have guessed I was at least 22! Granted, I am older than 22, but at least I look legal to drink! That’s a first. The haircut and leather jacket are proving their value.

wpid-wp-1414626896426.jpegI mentioned that I was interested in the Gregg Allman Burger moments before J decided that was his choice, so I switched to the Black and Blue Burger. No regrets. My burger literally had blue cheese in the burger, with spices oozing out. I literally could not take a bite- it was so large. Instead I ate it piece by piece. Jon missed out on a good burger.


No regrets.


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