Mexican Radio

After sampling their wings at the Wing Walk, Jonathan and I decided to head back to Mexican Radio and check out their full menu.

The restaurant is gorgeous inside. The decorations have Mexican costume theme, with bright colors and sugar skulls and paper flowers. It is bright and open, with a definite family-style atmosphere. The open space didn’t do much for insulation, though, and cold air outside didn’t have a hard time making it’s way inside. We had to keep our jackets on during dinner, which is an inconvenience but not necessarily a problem.

Our server was perfectly delightful. He was professional, dressed well, and spoke clear. He didn’t harass us before we were ready, but also did not ignore us.

To be perfectly honest, it is very expensive. We opted out of drinks and appetizers because frankly, there were two of us we easily could have doubled our total. We eat out quite often, and know how to budget our money to enjoy, but this time we had to eliminate drinks and an appetizer all together. There were no cheaper options.

Jon got chili, for $12.  My burrito, although large, was $17. We will support local business without fail whenever possible, but those prices were double what we were comfortable paying. And honestly, we agreed it tasted average and therefore probably should cost the average price.

The only reason we didn’t leave after seeing the menu and prices is because I wanted to give a review here. And I would have been embarrassed to leave.

All in all, if you want a Burrito, go to Bombers. The quality is comparative and the price is at least cut by half. Save your wallet.



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