Mrs. London’s Bakery

Across the street from a pretty common bagel shop in Saratoga Springs is Mrs. London’s Bakery. Naturally, when given the option, we choose to shop local and chose to stop in for brunch.

The displace case is sorted by pastries, sandwiches, and desert. We browsed through the center display for some fresh, locally made sandwiches. They don’t make the items to order, so you have to choose what you want based on what’s available. Some pastries and deserts were already gone by the time we arrived. We each chose a baguette sandwich, but got very different fillings. I chose a pretty standard turkey with American cheese, and Jon’s had pastrami, salami and mozzarella cheese. We also got two coffees, with a free refill.

The sammies were cut in half, so naturally I traded him a piece of my American cheese for his mozzarella. I specifically liked how I still got some of the saltiness from his meat choice carrying over to my turkey.

With the cute community, the boutique shops, and the ability to walk wherever you’d like, there is really no reason to visit a chain or franchise in Saratoga Springs!


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