Short and Stout Tea; Green Tea Tasting

Over the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to visit Short and Stout Tea, but for some reason was under the impression that they closed at 2pm. In fact, they are open Mon – Wed 10 to 6 and Thurs – Sat 10 to 7, so there is no reason I couldn’t have gone after work. Either way, when I saw a post about a Tea Talk in the evening, I jumped on board.

For just $3 per person, we were able to come in and chat about tea, while really learning about different types of green tea. The best part, we were able to taste 8 different flavors.

We got there right on time, and even helped set up the back room. It was encouraging, because as soon as we walked in I was greeted by name from commenting on the Facebook post. Talk about hospitality.

We sat around the table, passed around sniffing jars, sampled the flavors, discussed why America literally cannot make good tea (the conditions aren’t right), and which countries make the best green tea. We also briefly discussed the differences between black, green, and white tea.

We met such lovely people. We sat next to one woman who had never drank tea earlier in life, but recently started and has been exploring the health benefits, nutritional value, and vitamin contents. She’s convinced that something in the tea has slowed the progression of her graying hair, and I believe her. Tea has magical properties, that’s for sure!

As we were leaving, we went to the counter to look for a tea to go- possibly a bubble tea. The woman told me I had actually won a free tea and pastry; what? Turns out, on Facebook there is a contest each week to comment and share a post from the Short and Stout Tea Facebook page, which I always do. I had won, and wasn’t even aware! Not only had I won, but she recognized me and reminded me! The picture I had shared was of the pumpkin chai scone, so I had to get that. Well, I wasn’t required but I felt it was my lucky choice. She even warmed it up for me. For my tea I chose the gunpowder green we had sampled. I loved the flavor!

Meanwhile, Jon was talking the ear off of the male owner. I pretty much dragged him out, and we promised to return for the upcoming “Health Benefits of Green Tea” Talk!


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