Van Dyke

Jonathan got a raise! And you know what that means? Celebrate!

One of our favorite places during the Wing Walk was the Van Dyke Restaurant, just off Erie Boulevard. It was comfortable, fin, and historic. The Stockade District is gorgeous, and the Van Dyke is no exception. We said it then, that we would come back, and so the other night we did!

It was raining, so thankfully we found street parking nearby. I’ve really become spoiled and expect parking lots wherever I go.

When we walked in, the game was on and the bar was packed. Yet at the same time, it wasn’t loud and obnoxious, but rather a light chatter and occasional cheer. We were sat in the back room, away from the potential commotion but still close enough to feel the warm atmosphere. The fireplace brought comfort, and the holiday lights brought cheer.

Our server was exceptionally cheerful. Although Van Dyke runs the Mad Jack Brewery, Jon chose a seasonal beer on tap instead. He loved it! I stay away from beer, because frankly I just can’t convince myself to like it.

We started the meal off with cheesy crab pretzels. I love pretzels, and these were well worth it. The crab meat was ripped in big chunks, and the cheese was melted and well incorporated, and not just half-melted shredded cheddar like the tuna melts at the cafeteria in grade school.

We both decided on burgers, and they were delicious. Juicy meat, fresh lettuce and tomato, grilled bun. And the fries were huge crinkle cut potatoe wedges, fried but not super greasy.

We will be back!


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