Olympic Diner

Long Island has a diner on every corner (next to the Starbucks and Walbaums). Upstate New York, although still home to many diners, do not have quite the abundance. Recently, after waking up and realizing we both had the morning off, Jon and I decided to celebrate with breakfast. Unfortunately, we did not know of any local diners that were not in Troy (We love Bob’s 24 hour Diner).

As a kid I used to go to the Windmill Diner in Amsterdam. Turns out (says Google) they closed, and reopened with the name Olympic Diner. Despite mixed reviews we knew we had to check them out.

Our server was great. She was blunt and personable. She made jokes, laughed, and told us she didn’t know about the negative reviews because she had only just started there and would be leaving shortly anyway. She is a CPA, owns her own company, and will be filing taxes for the next 3-5 months.

We started off with coffee, as per the normal morning requirement. Jon’s cup had spilled into the saucer and she joked that she was trying to give him the most bang for his buck and filled it up.

My omelet was the Florentine, with fresh hollandaise sauce, feta, and spinach. The hollandaise was light and sweet, and may not have been from a can (I’m picky with my sauces). Jonathan got the Spanish omelet with chunky salsa.

We were pleasantly surprised! It was a great experience, and we will be back!



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