Kizmet Koffee

Texas is a lot different from New York. I mean there’s the obviously shift in weather. I’m wearing shorts and a tee while my friends back home are still sporting boots and a jacket. Being in the Bible Belt, there are more churches and businesses close earlier on Sunday. The people are nicer, but far worse drivers, and the roads themselves have different formats. But perhaps the strangest difference spotted thus far is the lack of cafes.

The word “cafe” is not rare. If you drive up a road you might pass half a dozen buildings with the word “Cafe” in the name. But don’t be fooled. These are not the same type of cafe we are used to. In New York, a cafe is a cute shop with coffee, pastries, possibly some sandwiches (with breakfast bagel options), and relaxed seating with artwork on the wall. Ok, so artwork on the wall isn’t actually a pre-rec of being a cafe, but it’s a nice touch.

In Texas, cafe is closer to what we call a diner. Although what we call a diner doesn’t exist down here either. Cafes have lunch, only. And alcohol. It’s very strange. So one of the first things we set out to find was a good cafe, where we could get coffee, pastries, and sit in relaxed chairs with art on the walls.

And then we found Kizmet Koffee.


Although art on the walls isn’t necessary for a cafe to pass the cafe test, Kizmet would pass either way. There’s the coffee, the pastries, the local honey (also not a pre-rec, but who doesn’t love supporting local businesses?), and the funky seating and fun art. The best part, they even offer art classes at night, so you can bring your own art home. And the prices are great.


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