Down to Earth Farmers Market

When we first moved to Texas we hadn’t exactly gone shopping, but we still had to eat. We found ourselves going out quite a few times, which may not have been in our budget or diet, but it was actually worth it. We got to explore the area, get to submerge in the culture, and spend time together.

While at Olive Garden, I mentioned to the server that I was really in the mood for tomatoes (pregnancy craving?), and she offered to bring me some extras. She then went above and beyond and recommended a local farmers market where we could get tomatoes, and other fresh produce. Of course, we had to check it out.

Down to Earth is an eclectic shop in Nederland, Texas, specializing in holistic and natural goods, like bath bombs, tea, and incense. Each Saturday they host a farmers market on the property, and invite local vendors to sell their goods.

The first time we went, there was a Gulf Coast torrential downpour. We got some eggs, and we got wet. But, since that rainy day, we have returned each weekend and left with fresh produce like kale, tomatoes, and jalapeños, gluten free bread, and some baked goods. Plus, we have started an urban garden on the balcony with fresh herb plants.

11146216_10153299550297650_2638959522519684960_nOn a different note, the Down to Earth shop is great, too! We always stop in to say hi to the ladies, and show our appreciation for hosting the farmers market. Plus, Jon purchased a mountain man soap for shaving that works great. His sensitive skin breaks out if he uses any commercial product, and has been using a baking soda and peroxide paste since we met. Mountain Man does the job well, and smells great! And when allergies struck (the allergens here are not like New York…), we were recommended Krud Killer tea, with natural honey. We had local honey already in our pantry, from the Beaumont Farmers Market the weekend before, and splurged on the Krud Killer tea. Worked great!


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