6th Annual Beaumont Butterfly Release


The Harbor Foundation is a local non-profit that provides hospice care for families, and has grown into a charity that does so much more for the community. One highly successful fundraiser has been the butterfly release, where community members are invited to release a butterfly to honor a loved one.


Being new to the area, we didn’t know much about the Harbor Foundation, but we know butterflies are pretty and are always looking for community events. Despite some storming in the morning, we made our way to Tyrrell Park where we joined hundreds of other community members. There was local vendors with food and drinks, organizations giving out gift bags, and even an amazing gentleman using scraps of wood to share God’s love with some widdling on the spot. It was incredible.


When it came time to release the butterflies, some people spoke about the importance of the Harbor House. Butterflies were pre-purchased for $10 each, yet some people had multiples. It was encouraging to see the community come together for a great cause.


When it was time to let the butterflies go, suddenly the scattered showers had stopped and the sun came out. It was beautiful. The sun poking through the clouds as they disappeared across the sky. Monarchs were everywhere, stretching their wings and learning to fly. It came to no surprise that this event was very successful in the past, and would continue to grow each year.



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